FORT HOOD, Texas – Fort Hood firefighters are working to contain the Wildland Management Area fire which remains at 250 acres and is now 70 percent contained.

The second fire in the vicinity of Clabber Creek Multi-Use Range is approximately 80 acres and is 50 percent contained.

Mutual aid from area communities and the Texas A&M Forest Service has been completed. Texas A&M Forest Service personnel remain on standby if needed.

“The fire was not started by any type of training . The area where the flames started is not a live fire area, nor was there any training of any type being conducted in that area at the time,” Col. Chad R. Foster, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hood commander.

The Directorate of Emergency Services, Directorate of Public Works and units will continue with air drops on hot spots, blading operations, and ground attacks. So far, there have been more than 96 airdrops utilizing 2,000-gallon and 600-gallon Bambi buckets.

More information will be released on as it becomes available.