Statement from Lt. Gen. Pat White, III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General:

FORT HOOD, Texas -Today, we invited Specialist Vanessa Guillén’s family to visit Fort Hood as we take an important step together to memorialize Vanessa’s life and service to our Nation.

Vanessa’s life was a catalyst for us to implement action to improve trust, discipline, and teamwork across our formations.

In recent weeks, we began a “People First” initiative that ensures Soldiers, families, and civilians are always at the core of what we do.

All of our 38,000 Soldiers at Fort Hood are important, and, like Specialist Guillén each volunteered to serve our Nation. They deserve our best leadership.

One of the reasons we invited the Guillén family today was to discuss and review design concepts and survey a proposed site of a gate we plan to name in Vanessa’s honor.  Their input is important for our final design that will come to fruition over the next few months.

The gate we designated leads to the 3rd Cavalry Regiment area where Vanessa served. The gate is accessed by thousands of Soldiers, Civilians, and Families every day.

A memorial gate in honor of Vanessa – a proud Texan – will serve as a reminder to take care of each other and inspire the next generation of Soldiers and the surrounding community.


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