FORT HOOD- Carl R. Darnall Medical Center (CRDAMC) is expanding its pharmacy and refill services.

Effective November 26, all CRDAMC pharmacies, excluding the pharmacies located inside Soldier Centered Medical Homes (SCMH), will accept a hard copy prescriptions. SCMH prescriptions services continue to be limited to active-duty service members. Beneficiaries submitting hard copy prescriptions may pick-up their medications as soon as two hours after drop off.

As part of the expanded services, the main pharmacy located on the first floor of the medical center will begin accepting and processing refill prescriptions. Beneficiaries may select either the Clear Creek or Main Pharmacy as the pick-up location when requesting a refill through TRICARE online or using the Pharmacy Refill Line at 254-288-8911.

Previously, refill and hard-copy prescriptions services were limited to the Clear Creek Post Exchange Pharmacy.

For more information on CRDAMC’s pharmacy services and clinic hours visit