FORT HOOD, Texas – Fort Hood emergency responders are testing their active-shooter response techniques during their annual full-scale exercise May 10-11 at the Copeland Soldier Service Center.

This is a planned training exercise designed to test Fort Hood’s ability to rapidly react to an active shooter on post. On May 10, more than 70 role players helped simulate what would happen during an actual active-shooter event testing the response skills of Fort Hood emergency responders. The exercise also included additional scenarios that required the Central Texas emergency responders to respond and coordinate with Fort Hood emergency responders. City officials from Killeen, Copperas Cove, Belton, and Temple all participated in this joint response.

The second day, May 11, of the exercise will test the recovery aspect of the scenario. Various Fort Hood agencies will go through the steps of patient tracking at area hospitals and working with the role-players simulating family members of injured and deceased.

Photos and Broll of the May 10 Fort Hood Annual Full Scale Exercise