B-Roll:  Green Company Soldiers conduct training, with remarks by Brig. Gen. Ronald R. Ragin, the 13th ESC commanding general, Command Sgt. Maj. James A. LaFratta, the 13th ESC command sgt. maj., and 1st Sgt. Richard Gains, the Green Company 1st sgt.

Fort Hood, Texas — A year ago, the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command established its Green Company. The unit, which was the first of its kind at Fort Hood, was designed to drive transformational change across the 13th ESC by welcoming, teaching, training and assessing inbound Soldiers. The unit was created in response to the realization of a need to establish a baseline regarding 13th ESC standards, tactical knowledge and organizational culture designed to proactively combat the three corrosives (sexual harassment/assault, suicide, and racism/extremism), build trust and successfully transition Soldiers to their gaining unit.

But Green Company hasn’t been just a fire and forget effort. It has grown, changed, and evolved through constant feedback from the Soldiers and leaders who have been through the system.

An additional week has been added, start to finish now takes three weeks. Even in a time where rapid deployments and heightened readiness are the norm, Green Co. is still a priority for junior enlisted Soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and commissioned officers joining the ranks of the 13th ESC.

There are also efforts to connect Soldiers with local groups and clubs that share an individual Soldier’s likes, hobbies, or interests.

For more information about Green Company, or the 13th ESC, please email Capt. Tyson Friar at [email protected].