The western diamondback rattlesnake is a common venomous species of pit viper found at Fort Hood, Texas. (Gil Eckrich, Fort Hood DPW Natural and Cultural Resources volunteer)

FORT HOOD, Texas — It’s warm outside during the day and while people are naturally drawn outside during warmer temperatures, so are snakes.

“Snakes hibernate in the winter, but they’re also very opportunistic, so if there’s a series of warm days, they’re going to come out, get warm and look for food,” Dr. Amber Dankert, supervisor of Fort Hood’s Wildlife Management, explained. “Folks need to be aware of their surroundings and be watching for snakes.”

Dankert urges Fort Hood families to be observant while out for walks, especially along trails with tall grass. She said snakes are also very good climbers, so they could be hiding in trees, trying to stay out of sight. She said snakes could also be hiding in unusual places.