FORT HOOD, Texas — Hurricane Harvey is forecasted to make landfall along the Texas coast late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The storm is likely to stall over south Texas with significant impacts to the Texas coast region due to heavy flooding and tropical storm wind.

The hurricane’s path is uncertain at this time, but there is a potential of 4 to 6 inches of rain or higher and winds up to 35 knots on the Fort Hood reservation through Sun…day.

Any changes in the track of the hurricane could yield drastically different rainfall totals. Additionally, higher rainfall totals (10″-15″) are expected south of Fort Hood. Traveling south is highly discouraged.

Heavy rainfall with localized flooding, especially at low water crossings and flood prone areas, is expected to occur. Tactical low water crossings on Fort Hood are currently closed. Remember to abide by all traffic safety barriers and warning signs. Turn around, don’t drown.

Forecast updates are available via the 3d Weather Squadron duty forecaster (available 24/7) at 288-9620/9400 or the following link: