By Patricia Deal, CRDAMC Public Affairs

FORT HOOD, Texas—U.S. Army Medical Command’s Senior Enlisted Adviser Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Gragg talked to Fort Hood Army Medicine Soldiers about the way ahead for the career field during a Town Hall as part of his visit here April 10-11.

During the open forum, Gragg stressed the importance of focusing on becoming a relevant and capable medical force.

“The future of Army medicine is bright. The future fight will require that we change our delivery of care from a ‘stop the bleeding and send them off’ to a ‘stop the bleeding and provide prolonged care’ approach,” Gragg said. “We need to be moving in a direction that supports the wants and needs of the warfighter.

To get to that point, Gragg said there will be changes such as consolidating and broadening skill sets. But the major change pertains to their scope of duties at their medical treatment facilities in garrison.

“We should  be thinking of our medical treatment facilities as medical training platforms where you are continually honing your medical skills and increasing your capability,” he said. “Then when you go into theater, you’re prepared and capable to care for the sick, wounded and injured in a combat environment. A ready medical force ensures that America’s sons and daughters come back from war alive.”

Gragg also met with III Corps and CRDAMC leadership and visited other CRDAMC clinics and facilities during his two day visit.