Fort Hood’s Great Big Podcast seeks to shed a light on what Fort Hood has to offer its Soldiers, family members, civilians, and contractors. It peels back the layer that separates the U.S. Army from our civilian family to inform listeners. And of course, it provides a weekly source of entertainment with monthly feature segments of “Book & Movie of the Month” and “Traveling Soldier.” Episodes vary every week as Fort Hood offers a variety of services and hosts a multitude of amazing personnel. Listeners can expect Soldier features, an illuminating light on directorates across the installation, and a lot of laughs from the co-hosts.

“Fort Hood’s Great Big Podcast” is your one-stop shop to hear what Fort Hood is all about.

Perhaps you just want to gain some information on services that are available to Soldiers and their families here at the Great Place. Or maybe you’re looking for a light-hearted source of entertainment and Fort Hood knowledge. No matter what you’re specifically looking for, we recommend you give “Fort Hood’s Great Big Podcast” a listen.

This week’s episode, “Sharing Those Stories: Flu Season and Retiree Appreciation Days,” focuses on both the current flu season with the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center and the upcoming Retiree Appreciation Days with the Retirement Services Office. The podcast hosts discuss what the flu really is, the importance of getting vaccinated, and the differences between the flu, cold and covid. Plus, they learn about what Retiree Appreciation Days are and what the retirees can expect if they attend (from opportunities to update their wills to updating their vaccines to even a golf tournament).

Episodes are produced weekly, airing every Thursday at midnight (except for the last two weeks of the calendar year). Episodes can be found on Buzzsprout, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Amazon Music.