FORT HOOD, Texas — As extreme weather continues in the area, Central Texas, including Fort Hood, is experiencing major stress on our water supply. Water line breaks from the extreme cold weather have greatly increased, and the resulting flooding has increased our usage from a normal 1-2 million gallons a day (MGD) to more than 8 MGD yesterday.

While we have plenty of water in Belton Lake, the water district can only treat and distribute it so quickly. Power issues and equipment failures have also impacted the district’s ability to produce drinking water.

Fort Hood officials ask that everyone help to conserve water.

The goal is to reduce our water use by 40 percent until we get through this unprecedented situation.

Tips for water conservation include:

1. Report leaking or broken pipes to the Directorate of Public Works at (254) 287-2113.

2. Turn off dripping faucets when the temperature reaches 30-degrees F. Only resume dripping when the temperature drops below 30-degrees.

3. Drip faucets into containers, especially pots, in case boil water notices are needed.

4. Avoid using washing machines and dishwashers, as these appliances use a significant amount of water.

5. Store at least 1-gallon of water per person per day for hygiene purposes.

Water supply is barely meeting demand. Please conserve as much water as possible.

As outages occur, boil water notices may need to be issued.