FORT HOOD, Texas — Fort Hood’s leadership, along with representatives from housing partner Lendlease, conducted a series of town hall meetings during the past week to hear feedback from Soldiers and their Families on issues they are experiencing within their barracks or homes on post.

Through these discussions, the command and its housing partner are taking concrete actions to meet its obligation to provide Fort Hood’s on-post residents safe and quality housing.

Changes are being made in regards to housing maintenance procedures and responsibility on Fort Hood. Lendlease has committed to hire additional maintenance personnel as well as realigning its current maintenance workforce to focus more on expediting work orders.  Additional personnel from the  Directorate of Public Works will assist their Housing Department to provide oversight of maintenance efforts by Lendlease as another example of immediate adjustments being made.

“Gaining and maintaining the trust of our Soldiers and their Families is a primary concern and ensuring their wellbeing is essential to maintaining our mission readiness,” said Col. Hank Perry, Fort Hood Garrison commander.

Beginning this week, and concluding no later than March 18, command teams across the installation are committed to visit 100 percent of barracks and homes on post to ensure issues being annotated are sent to the appropriate maintenance department for resolution.

Currently, there are just more than 1,100 work orders being worked through the system with less than 20 being categorized as pertaining to life, health or safety.  Action to correct those situations are being expedited.

Additionally, a 24-hour hotline has been established  for emergency situations that need immediate leadership attention due to life, health or safety issues within the barracks or housing areas that could not be resolved through the normal work order process.

The Housing/Barracks Life/Health/Safety Leader Hotline is (254) 206-1157 which will be answered by the III Corps and Fort Hood Field Officer of the Day.