Shortly after returning from Iraq, the Army’s 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion at Fort Hood, Texas, supported the Initial Operational Test of the Terrestrial Transmission Line Of Sight (TRILOS) Radio, conducted by the U.S. Army Operational Test Command during the Army’s July Network Integration Evaluation 17.2 at Fort Bliss, Texas. (Photo by Keith West, Mission Command Test Directorate, U.S. Army Operational Test Command Public Affairs)


By Valerie Meverden, Mission Command Test Directorate, U.S. Army Operational Test Command Public Affairs

MCGREGOR BASE CAMP, N.M. — Communications Soldiers were able to see, touch, and use the new Terrestrial Transmission Line Of Sight (TRILOS) Radio straight out of the box in a test environment here July 11 – 30.

“Everyone was very onboard from brigade on down; especially battalion (unit leaders) were excited to get the training first,” said 1st Lt. Bianca R. Castillo, commander of Company C, 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion.

The TRILOS, an upgrade from the current High Capacity Line Of Sight (HCLOS) radio, is an easy-to-transport, high-capacity radio that will improve expeditionary methods of Army units, while combating the increased risks of operating its tactical network in satellite denied scenarios.

Approximately 45 Soldiers from Company C, were hand-selected for TRILOS New Equipment Training April 24 to June 2, allowing other members of the brigade to focus on preparing for operations at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and the National Training Center (NTC).

1st Sgt. Michael F. Doyle said, “The radio is great. It’s got a line-of-sight backbone that can push the data the Army wants, especially the video feeds. The amount of data it can push is more than anything else I’ve ever used.”

The U.S. Army Operational Test Command’s TRILOS test non-commissioned officer-in-charge participated in his third initial operational test of the radio.

Sgt. 1st Class Shelby R. Schoolcraft said, “The overall design of TRILOS in supporting its mission is good,” and by incorporating the HCLOS radio, the TRILOS will be even better.

The 57th ESB’s Company C used HCLOS during its last deployment. Their expertise, and uniqueness of their missions, made them the ideal test unit for the TRILOS Radio test.

Leaders from across the Army had the opportunity to observe the 57th employing the system under realistic combat conditions, and while often facing rough weather conditions, Company C tested the limits and capabilities of the TRILOS during the operational test.

OTC ensures every piece of equipment is operationally tested prior to Soldiers receiving it. Soldiers are OTC’s ultimate customers, who depend on OTC to effectively test the equipment they will use to fight and win.

Soldiers of test units provide OTC feedback on tested equipment, so that improvements can be made on the current and planned systems Soldiers will use to defend our Nation.

The NIE is designed to assist the Army in keeping pace with the advances in communications technologies and to support readiness by delivering integrated network and mission command capabilities. OTC annually participates in Soldier system-of-systems training and testing exercises at NIE.