By Capt. Shkeila Milford-Glover

3d Cavalry Regiment Public Affairs

Mar. 6, 2023

FORT HOOD, Texas – In 1987, President Ronald Regan issued a proclamation, declaring March to Women’s History Month. Since then, women in the armed forces have continued to blaze paths both in and out of uniform representing themselves and their units at the highest levels of academia and physical fitness.

Women have served in the United States Army since 1775 and remain an invaluable and essential part of the Army today, making up 19 percent of the total Army force. One woman who continues to make strides on this path is 2nd Lieutenant Camyrn Howarth from Garnet, Pennsylvania.

Howarth currently serves as the tactical intelligence officer for 1st Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment. She is the only female officer on the staff and is not afraid to strive for the title of most fit as well.

Out of uniform, Howarth competes in CrossFit competitions across Texas. Prior to joining the Army, she was a collegiate basketball player prior to finding her true passion: CrossFit.

Previously assigned to lead the squadron staff through a physical fitness session, Howarth proved she can handle her weight. Sourcing equipment from her local CrossFit gym, Howarth developed a challenging fitness event for the staff-most of whom are infantry officers.

“The session was rigorous and based on individual effort, but with a team mentality,” said 1st Lieutenant Todd Cornett, assistant squadron logistics officer for 1st Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment.

Howarth aspires to be a good leader, and CrossFit helps develop her professionally, physically and mentally.

“She makes herself available to mentor others and is someone we can count on,” said Maj. Stuard Stegall, executive officer for 1st Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment. “She is an outstanding officer.”

Howarth initially found interest in CrossFit in 2020 and has since dedicated herself to the sport, with rankings to prove her passion for the physically demanding sport. In 2021, she fell just short of being eligible for the CrossFit Open quarterfinals.

Despite falling short, Howarth has not wavered and is currently in the top 8% in her region worldwide.

While preparing to compete for the CrossFit Open quarterfinals this year, Howarth is also working toward her goal of obtaining her level one certification so she can coach others.

“Being a woman in the sport has been empowering,” Howarth said. “I’d like to coach others and eventually represent the Army as a member of the U.S. Army Warrior Fitness Team.”

Our Army is stronger because of our diversity and we must ensure that every member of the force has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. When women like Howarth succeed, our Army succeeds.

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U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Camyrn Howarth participates in a foot march during her basic officer course at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. (U.S. Army photo by 2nd Lieutenant Vanessa Atchley)
U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Camyrn Howarth conducts a workout of the day at CrossFit Cataclysm in Killeen, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Jenna Leigh Photography)