By Patricia Deal, CRDAMC Public Affairs

FORT HOOD, Texas— West Killeen Medical Home, the fourth of Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center’s community-based medical clinics, opened for patients October 1.

The newest medical home joins Killeen, Copperas Cove and Harker Heights Medical Homes which have been established in the communities where patients live, thus making access to care more convenient. Each medical home is able to serve more than 8,000 family members and retirees and the additional home in Killeen helps support the growing population of the city.

“The medical homes are a great benefit to our patients. They are based on the patient-centered model of healthcare which is designed to help military families develop the same trust and relationship with doctors and nurses that many civilians have with their local doctors. Patients are assigned to a team headed by a physician that manages their care so they see familiar faces with every visit,” said David Denny, group practice manage for the new medical home.

Convenience is key, as each medical home also has its own lab and pharmacy so patients don’t have to travel back and forth to have bloodwork done or pick up prescriptions, he added.

“Our location here is especially strategic—right in the neighborhood, near several schools. It just makes it so easy for our beneficiaries who need to shuttle their children to and from doctor’s appointments or combine an appointment with errands,” Denny said. “We have brand new facilities with the latest and greatest equipment. We are fully staffed with a top notch healthcare team ready to provide our beneficiaries with consistent high quality care.”

Having everything like the lab and pharmacy in one location was what impressed James Finley the most. Finley, a disabled vet who works at Metroplex Health Systems, attended the West Killeen Medical Home’s open house September 28 to get a sneak peek at the facility.

“I think it is really great facility, the way it’s laid out and being so new,” Finley said. “I like the way they will manage your care, with a team of providers dedicated to treating you. It’s small enough where the doctors and nurses can get to know their patients really well. Not having to go to different places for your lab work or to pick up your prescriptions is a definite bonus.”

The new medical home is at 5200 Bunny Trail in Killeen. Beneficiaries interested in enrolling to the new clinic can call Beneficiary Services at (254) 288-8155 for more information.


Constance Vanvalkenburg, a nurse on the new West Killeen Medical Home’s Yellow Team shows James Finley the pharmacy area during the home’s open house September 28. The medical home opened for patients October 1 and is the fourth community-based medical home established in the communities where patients live, thus making access to care more convenient. (U.S. Army photo by Patricia Deal, CRDAMC Public Affairs)