The 1st Cavalry Division Acting Commander relieved Col. Michael Schoenfeldt, Commander of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, because of a loss of trust and confidence in Col. Schoenfeldt’s ability to command.

The Troopers of the IRONHORSE Brigade deserve the best leadership the Army can provide.  Accordingly, based on the findings of an administrative investigation, and in the best interests of the Troopers of the IRONHORSE Brigade, Col. Schoenfeldt was relieved of his duties and responsibilities as commander effective April 8, 2021.  The relief was based on poor judgment demonstrated by Col. Schoenfeldt while in command.

Upon receiving allegations against Col. Schoenfeldt, the 1st Cavalry Division’s Acting Commander directed an investigation that resulted in several adverse findings against Col. Schoenfeldt.

The 1st Cavalry Division Acting Commander approved the findings, which included engaging in bullying as defined by Army Regulation 600-20, paragraph 4-19a(2), and counterproductive leadership as defined by Army Regulation 600-100, paragraph 1-11d.  This behavior was directed at subordinate commanders and staff officers. These behaviors were recurrent, and even if they did not have a deleterious impact on 1ABCT’s performance, they did have a deleterious impact on the welfare of subordinates.  Allegations of racism and maltreatment were unfounded.

The basis for this relief is separate and distinct from Col. Schoenfeldt’s ongoing medical issues. Col. Schoenfeldt has been reassigned and is currently performing administrative duties as directed by the 1st Cavalry Division Chief of Staff.