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Today the 1st Cavalry Division once again assumes training and readiness authority and administrative control of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

This action by the III Armored Corps, headquartered at Fort Hood, supports their strategy of maintaining lethality through force modernization, continuity of sustainment, and a mastery of foundational training through streamlined resource management. 

This is the third time in the history of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment that they have served under the command of the 1st Cavalry Division, most recently in 2007. 

3rd Cavalry Regiment remains a separate brigade under the III Armored Corps who maintains command authority for employing the “Brave Rifles” during warfighter exercises and to support worldwide missions. 

“We are excited to re-establish a closer training and resourcing relationship with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, which will enhance our readiness and war-fighting capability. Both of our organizations share a rich history of serving in combat together as part of the U.S. Cavalry,” said Maj. Gen. John B. Richardson IV, the commanding general of the 1st Cavalry Division. “Bringing the Brave Rifles under the 1st Cavalry Division streamlines the management of resources and allows the two units to integrate unique capabilities to improve both units’ readiness to accomplish their wartime missions.”

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January 31, 2022 3:29:36 PM
Procedures for reporting on Fort Hood

The Fort Hood Media Relations staff assists members of the news media in reporting on Fort Hood, ensuring the American public has access to information they need to understand the military’s role in the community, in support of the nation, and throughout the world.   The latest news from the installation is posted on the Fort Hood Press Center available online at www.forthoodpresscenter.com.   News media wishing to cover events on Fort Hood should submit their requests on the press center at Submit your question here.

News Media Reporting on Fort Hood

  • All news media representatives planning to cover events on Fort Hood must be escorted by a member of one of the post’s Public Affairs Offices, or will be refused entry to Fort Hood. Call (254) 287-9993 or (254) 287-0106 to request a PAO escort. Escorts should be arranged in advance to allow for coordination with the organization receiving coverage.
  • After hours, media should call the Emergency Operations Center at (254) 287-2054 and ask for the on-call PAO.
  • Members of the news media who have a personal affiliation with the military (retiree, spouse or family member) and have a military identification card are instructed to call the Garrison PAO media relations office at the numbers above for escort when reporting a story. Due to the limited number of PAO staff members available to provide escort, media are asked to request escort support as far in advance as possible.
  • The media are reminded that security precautions and federal regulations prohibit unlimited access to military installations and media representatives found unescorted by a representative of a Public Affairs Office are subject to confiscation of cameras and recorders and may be subject to prosecution by the federal court system.
  • Current security regulations require all vehicles entering Fort Carson to present current vehicle registration and proof of insurance as well as being subject to a complete inspection. All passengers must have photo identification. Vehicles that arrive at the gate without the proper documentation will be denied entry.

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