By Maj. Gabby Thompson

3d Cavalry Regiment Public Affairs

FORT HOOD, Texas - About 30 troopers from 3d Cavalry Regiment took a break from their daily military lives and headed to Waco for some horseback riding, Sept. 24.

3d Cavalry Regiment unit ministry teams take turns planning monthly resiliency and spiritual fitness events, designed to give their troopers an opportunity to get away from Fort Hood for a day of fun, relaxation and resiliency.

The troopers spent the day at Brazos Bluff Ranch in Waco, getting acquainted with the horses and later going for a horseback ride while discussing ways to cope with daily stressors of work, life and family.

“The purpose of these events is to build resiliency and camaraderie among the troopers and to give them the day off so they don’t have to worry about military responsibilities and duties,” said Captain Rohan Simpson, the Regimental Engineer Support Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment chaplain.

The events are free to troopers, and are very popular throughout the regiment.

“Often, we get more troopers signed up than we can can support,” said Simpson. “These events tend to be very popular and troopers will often sign up before they even know where or what the event is.”

Troopers complete a survey at the end of each event to help unit ministry teams plan and refine future events.

A post-event, anonymous survey revealed a rather interesting take on the Sept. 24 event, highlighting how inclusive they are for all members of the regiment, regardless of spiritual beliefs or practices.

“Though I am not religious, I believe it is crucial to make these types of events available to be around nature and even animals. This was very fulfilling and I am glad I signed up,” a trooper wrote on a survey.

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Troopers from 3d Cavalry Regiment ride horses during a resiliency and spiritual fitness event in Waco, Sept. 24. (Courstesy photo)