By Maj. Gabby Thompson

3d Cavalry Regiment Public Affairs

(L-R) Command Sgt. Maj. David Schoettle, Staff Sgt. Jennifer Licata, Lt. Col. Octavia Davis and Col. Kevin Bradley at Fort Hood, Texas, Oct. 7. The Regimental Support Squadron received the trophy for achieving the highest retention mission in the regiment. (U.S. Army photo by Maj. Gabriela Thompson)

FORT HOOD, Texas - Col. Kevin D. Bradley, commander of the 3d Cavalry Regiment, presented the 3d Cavalry Regiment Retention Trophy to the Regimental Support Squadron for accomplishing the highest retention mission Oct. 7, here.

The regiment created the award to recognize the top squadron for meeting or surpassing their retention mission for the year.

Each squadron in the regiment has their own career counselor, and the one to lead the “Muleskinners” to securing their place at the top and the trophy was Staff. Sgt. Jennifer Licata, a native of Mira Loma, California, a confident, caring leader who takes her job seriously as an Army career counselor.

“My senior [career counselor] pulled me in and said our goal was 126, and I said ‘that’s going to happen, definitely at Muleskinner,’ and we exceeded that,” said Licata.

Meeting or surpassing a unit retention goal is no easy fete, yet the “Muleskinners” managed to not only meet their goal, but exceeded it at almost 128%, retaining 147 troopers and securing $164,800 in retention bonuses.

The 3d Cavalry Regiment commander also understands how difficult a task it is to retain troopers and soldiers in the Army.

“We want to recognize the very best of our career counselors and their retention success…it’s one of the toughest jobs in the Army,” he said.

Licata has a unique support system guiding her along her journey as an Army career counselor.

“This was my first squadron as a career counselor, and it was very challenging for me and I couldn’t have done it without my wife,” said Licata.

Licata’s wife is also a career counselor assigned to III Corps and is no stranger to surpassing retention goals. She was named the 2020 Army Career Counselor of the year, beating 19 other competing counselors from across the Army.

Licata’s unit leadership also played an integral role in securing the trophy for their squadron.

“I want to thank my chain of command for their support. I never had any issues and they were always there, 100% of the time if I had any concerns,” said Licata.

Retaining troopers also supports Operation People First initiatives, by working with troopers to find a balance between their needs and the Army’s needs.

Before presenting the trophy to Licata, Bradley said “what you do day in and day out is people first. Folks come into the Army with hopes and dreams, and when they come to you it’s about reconciling what’s out there with those hopes and dreams and those things that are going to keep them and their family part of the Army.”

According to the United States Army Recruiting Command Website, the labor market is challenging due to the Army being an all-volunteer force.

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