PV2 Corlton Chee and his family remain foremost in our thoughts. We honor his service and send our deepest condolences to his parents, sisters, fiancé, young sons, extended family and friends. The Chain of Command and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) have initiated an investigation as is required every time a Soldier dies unexpectedly. While we will strive to be as forthcoming and transparent as possible, we ask everyone to respect the Family’s privacy during this period of grief and to allow us time to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Foul play is not suspected. At approximately 7 a.m. on Aug. 28, PV2 Chee was running during an early morning workout. He and the members of his 11-man platoon ran as a group to a specified location and were then released to run back to the starting point as fast as they could. The total distance of the run was approximately 2.2 miles. This type of activity is a normal part of everyday physical training in the Army. Witnesses stated PV2 Chee showed no signs of struggling and was running at the front of the group when he collapsed near the end of the run.

Immediately after PV2 Chee collapsed, unit personnel provided initial care until medics and then Emergency Medical Services arrived. Upon arrival, EMS assessed him to be unresponsive and without a pulse. They implemented advanced life saving measures until his circulation returned. He was taken to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center and assessed for potential causes of the event, determined to be critically ill, and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with Neurological consultation. On Aug. 29, PV2 Chee was transferred to a higher level care facility based on a worsening of his condition. In consultation with the family, he was transferred to Baylor Scott and White Neurological Intensive Care Unit, in Temple, TX for continued care on evening of Aug. 29.

The Chain of Command reached out to PV2 Chee’s family on the morning of Aug. 28 to inform them of the incident. His leadership made continued efforts to maintain contact with his family and support them through the trying time at the hospital. They continue reaching out to his family over the phone and will provide as much support and information as possible.

Army CID is working closely with the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences to further understand the cause of this his death. It is too early in the process to draw any conclusions about why he collapsed or passed away.

The Chain of Command is planning a unit memorial to honor PV2 Chee’s life and service. The Chain of Command has invited his family to attend. With the family’s blessing, Soldiers and Leaders from PV2 Chee’s unit plan to attend his funeral in New Mexico to pay their respects.

We will continue to provide updated information to PV2 Chee’s family and the public as information becomes available.

There has been some confusion regarding the spelling of PV2 Chee’s first name. According to his official military records, his name is spelled Corlton and not Carlton.